Little Bot, ofie mat, soft baby play mat
Little Bot, ofie mat, soft baby play mat
Little Bot, ofie mat, soft baby play mat
Little Bot, ofie mat, soft baby play mat

Little Bot Baby Play Mat (Ofie mat, oracle + zen line)

  • Beautifully designed floor mat for the next level of home comfort. Soft to the touch, easy to clean and pets friendly.
  • Ofie mat is a large single-foam mat that has reversible sides. Designed with a keen eye for detail, this shows how we believe home décor should be – simple, with a fun little twist (Little Bot playmats featured in New York Magazine and Design Milk).
  • It’s a safe and non-toxic play mat for babies and families. Our play mats are made from some of the best foam materials that are both safe and durable, and as fellow parents, we understand just how much safety and quality means to you.
  • Little Bot play mats are tested in U.S. certified labs. They are free of heavy metals, BPA, Lead, Formaldehyde, Phthalate or fire retardant. There is no PVC or EVA foam in our play mats.
  • Our floor mats measures 6.5 ft x 4.5 ft and 1.5 cm thick (0.6 inch). They are super easy to clean and are vacuum safe. They can also be rolled up for storage when not in use.

Customer Reviews

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Interesting app

the app it’s very handy. However, I would suggest to add the option for twins or multiples on the same section , and a summary to show the progress weekly or monthly


This mat is so great! Easy to put away when needed and has so much room, my baby loves it! She is now scooting all around it. Super easy to wipe clean if anything spills on it. It’s pretty AND comfortable for us as well. We all love it!!


Bought this product based on quality, durability and excellent reviews. Also, personally knew people with this product and LOVED it. Been using this mat approximately 3 months (less than daily use). Love the cushion it provides but extremely disappointed in the area of quality and durability. There is a tear and two small punctures noted, with no obvious known reason how it happened. Such a big expense to tear in such a short time with minimal use. For that reason, I can only rate this 1 star and cannot recommend at this time.

Wonderful product

It feels so nice underfoot!! Great product.

Absolutely Love

This mat is so comfortable. Perfect for little ones who are learning to crawl and are lifting themselves up onto things. I don't worry about bumps and bruises with this mat. Along with covering a large play area, it's also comfortable to sit on for hours at a time playing with both our kids (9m & 4y). I would recommend this mat again and again!