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The best care for your little ones. 

Feeding gears by Little Bot

Health care, Diaper bag and food storage gears by Little bot


The material is soft. All of four-color bibs look pretty good on my baby daughter. The absorption function is okay. Really love these bibs:)


this is a must purchase for parents. I'd say 40-50% less food on the floor...the trough catches it. They wash soooo easily.

little Roberto

My son loves the pattern on the bag. The bag is durable, waterproof and perfect size for organizing the snacks. Highly recommended!


Really cute and superrr easy to clean. It has a pouch that helps hold any food and utinsils. I bought this for my little one and she loves it as well. Feeding her has now become easier. ++ On time shipment.

Amazon Customer

Love these 4 pack of bibs for the little one. Each one is in 2-color, pretty, soft and reversible for use too.
I like the fact that it is 100% cotton, soft, comfortable and natural to the little one.
Canadian design.

DIY enthusiast

I absolutely love these bibs, the style, the colors, the quality are all perfect. The bibs are so soft, easy to fold and put in nursery bag.


It is very soft and stylish. My son is 9 months old really likes pull his bibs off while eating solid food. These bibs were soft so I don't have to worry him hurting his back of neck when he pulls it and it won't leave a mess on his clothes. I washed those several times and the color is still bright. Really like it.

C. Pan

My wife really loves them

Slava B.

Don't have enough words on how great these scissors are! I've been terrified of cutting my son's nails since my husband accidentally cut his finger with nail clippers. These scissors are amazing! The tips are small and round, so there is no way you'll cut your baby. 

Amazon Customer

Baby play mat

Non-toxic. Odourless. Ultra-cushioned.

100% cotton muslin bandana

Super soft. Reversible style.

Catch-All silicone bib

A bib that truly catches everything.

Little Bot Diaper backpack

Stylish. Solid built.