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Ofie Round mat by Little Bot

Soft, durable & non-toxic baby foam mat


Non-Toxic Foam Play Mats & Accessories

Our non-toxic foam play mats collection offers a variety of colors and patterns to complement almost any type of space. These fun and chic mats are beautifully designed with your little one in mind!

What is new about the Ofie mat?

1. Soft, cushy, and feels like memory foam

2. Durable & Pets friendly

3. Rounded edge

4. Waterproof and easy to clean

5. Non Toxic as always

chic. fun. non toxic.

Little Bot’s non-toxic foam play mats are tested in CPSC-approved labs for its flammability and safety. We know your little ones spend a lot of time on it, so we made sure it's safe and free from any harmful chemicals.

Little Bot's approach

We take into consideration many things in making our play mats. Design, material, price and user experience are all important to us. At the end of day, we want to make something that makes you genuinely happy. Something you can't stop smiling about when you open the box.


The ofie mat

Soft. Durable. Pet-friendly.

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pine wood + cotton canvas

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Baby play mat

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Diaper Bag

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The ofie mat

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baby play mat

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