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Non-Toxic Foam Play Mats & Accessories

Our non-toxic foam play mats collection offers a variety of colors and patterns to accent almost any type of space. These fun and chic mats are beautifully designed with your little in mind!

What makes Little Bot’s cushioned baby play mats so good?

1. It has to look good.

2. It better be non-toxic.

3. Cushion & Protective.

4. Easy to clean a must.

5. Reasonably priced.

chic. fun. non toxic.

Little Bot’s non-toxic foam play mats are tested in authorized labs for its flammability and safety. We know your little ones spend a lot of time on it, so we made sure it's safe and healthy.

Product care and safety

1. Our cushioned baby play mats are rolled in storage, please use the reverse side of the mat for the first day or two until it becomes flat nicely.

2. Please KEEP AWAY from pets and sharp items as they will scratch and damage the surface.

3. Furniture such as dining table and chairs may leave permanent dents on the mat. Use with caution. 

4. To clean, simply wipe clean with damp cloth or baby wipes.


baby play mat

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pine wood + cotton canvas

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Baby nail scissors

Safe and easy to use.

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Catch-all silicone bibs

No more mess at meal time.

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Reusable Snack bag

Reusable = Environmental-friendly.

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