Product Care

Q: How to clean the Ofie Mat?

A: All household detergents such as hand soap, all purpose cleaner, and disinfecting wipes, and diluted vinegar are all safe on the Ofie Mat. We recommend baby wipes since it is safe for babies. 

Q: How to clean up spills on the Ofie Mat?

A: Any spills can be easily removed with baby wipes. DO NOT use any bleach as it will damage your Ofie Mat.

Q: How to remove creases from a new Ofie Mat?

A: The creases should disappear on their own after 1 week. Cold temperatures during the packaging process at our warehouses will sometimes make the foam mat shrink. Leave your playmat at room temperature and in a few days it should go back to normal.

If not, please reach out to us for a replacement Ofie Mat.

Q: How do I pack up my Ofie Mat when it’s not in use?

A: We recommend you roll up your Ofie Mat. DO NOT fold your Ofie Mat as this will cause wrinkles/creasing.


Wear and Tear

Q: I'm noticing a bit of wear and tear. Is this normal?

A: Yes. As you and your little ones use the Ofie Mat on a daily basis, there may be some wear and tear over time. This is normal with any foam play mat. You can still use the Ofie Mat, knowing that our high safety standards are still maintained.


Ofie Mat Creases and Cold Temperatures

Q: Does the cold weather affect my Ofie Mat?

A: *Yes, especially with new Ofie Mats. That is why we recommend you leaving your new foam mat at room temperature overnight (and up to a day) before unrolling your Ofie Mat. This will help the foam mat warm up and regain its' flexibility.

*If you live in a warmer climate, you most likely don't have to worry about this*



Q: How do I prevent my Ofie Mat from slipping on wooden floors?

A: We recommend using anti-slip rug pads - they can efficiently prevent our playmat from slipping on hardwood floors.

Q: Should I use regular tape to make the playmat stay put?

A: Tape should not be used to secure the play mat as it is sticky and difficult remove. Using a non-slip rug pad is THE best solution for preventing slipping. Tape is not recommended and should be avoided.


COVID-19 Cleaning Tips

Q: What should I use to clean my Ofie Mat right now?

A: We highly recommend using any disinfecting spray with at least 70% alcohol. This will kill any lingering germs, and is also safe for your Ofie Mat. Disinfectant wipes are another good choice for daily use.


Product Information

Q: What kind of material is your baby foam play mat made of?

A: Our Ofie mat™ is made from non-toxic TPU foam (thermoplastic polyurethane).

    Q: Where is your play mat made from?

    A: They are made in China. 

    Q: What is the difference between littlebot.ca and littlebotbaby.com?

    A: Littlebot.ca is our Canadian store and littlebotbaby.com is our U.S. store. 

     Q: What is the size of your mat and how thick is it?

    A: Ofie mat measures 6.5 x 4.5 ft and 0.6 inch thick.

     Q: I bought an Ofie Mat (country road + triangle, large) but the country road on the mat I received doesn't match the one on your product page.

    A: This is normal and doesn't mean defective. Each mat could look slightly differently as the pattern is repeating.


    Open Box Sales

    Q: What type of mats are sold in the open box sale?

    A: Open box mats are mats that have been returned or opened mats that are inspected to be free of defects, tears, discolouration or dents. They are also sanitized at our facility before being shipped.

    Q: Why isn't the discount code working?

    A: If the open box discount does not work for a particular design, it is because we are out of stock of that particular design. 


    Collaboration Inquiries

    Q: I would love to collaborate with you! How do I contact you?

    A: Please fill out this form and send along your Media Kit to chi-chi@littlebot.ca. We will only respond to your email if we think you're a good fit as we receive countless collaboration requests daily. Thanks for thinking of us!


    Return & Shipping Policy

    Q: What is your return policy?

    A: If you are unhappy, dissatisfied, or have received a defective/damaged play mat, we offer 30 Days for Returns or Exchanges (from date of delivery). This does not cover:

    • baby and animal stains (bodily fluids)
    • human stains (coffee/tea spills, etc.)
    • natural wear and tear (due to daily use)
    • pen marks

    NoteDue to natural wear and tear over time, you are unable to exchange/return your play mat. If there are any wears/tears present on your Ofie Mat upon 1st receiving it, please take a photo of the area and contact us as soon as possible for further assistance.

    Do not hesitate to ask us if you would like any clarification on our policies as we want you to enjoy your purchase! We can be reached at hello@littlebot.ca

    Q: What is the shipping cost?

    A: We offer FREE standard shipping across Canada and United States.

    We currently ship Ofie Mats to the following locations:

    • Canada
    • United States
    • Japan
    • Turkey
    • Singapore*
    • Hong Kong*
      * = Shipping Cost is $40 USD

    Note: We no longer sell or ship Ofie Mats to the United Kingdom.

    Q: How long does it take for the play mat to deliver?

    A: Shipping usually takes about 3-4 days.

    Q: I have a defective item. What is the process of having it replaced?

    A: To request replacement playmat, please contact us at hello@littlebot.ca with the following information:

    1. Order Confirmation/Receipt of your purchase (a screenshot of the online order is perfectly fine). If it is a gift, the gift receipt or original order information/receipt is needed

    2. Please attach a photo of the defective play mat in your email

    Thank you for choosing Ofie Mat!