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Little Bot, ofie mat, soft baby play mat
Little Bot, ofie mat, soft baby play mat
Little Bot, ofie mat, soft baby play mat
Little Bot, Ofie mat, baby play mat
Ofie mat, Little Bot, play mat, pets-friendly

Little Bot Baby Play Mat (Ofie mat, zen line + triangle)

  • The Ofie Mat (2nd Gen.) – it feels like memory foam and is soft to the touch!

  • A large single-foam mat that has reversible sides!

  • Ofie Mat - free of PVC, BPA, Lead, Formaldehyde, Phthalate or fire retardant – plus it’s non-toxic and odourless, making it completely safe for you and your little ones.

  • Measurements: 6.5ft x 4.5ft. Perfect for easy use and storage.

  • Versatile and long-lasting, the Ofie Mat is ideal for: yoga, outdoor activities, and anywhere a soft floor mat is needed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
It’s beautiful and squishy!

The mat looks so gorgeous in our house, everybody is like WOAH when they step on it and realize it’s not a fancy rug! It’s nice and squishy, a great size as well.

Best Mat!

We needed a mat that could wishstand a baby, 2 dogs, and 2 cats but also look good in our shared space since we were dedicating half of our living room to our little one. We have had our Ofie for a year now and there have been no rips or tears. It has protected little heads from numerous falls and withstood various spills. Definitely recommend for everyone.

Love it!

Before purchasing the Ofie mat we owned the alphabet mat. One day my 9 month old was chewing on a small piece she bit off (nothing bad happened). That's the day I decided to ditch it and invest in an Ofie. It's pricey but I love it. The reviews did not lie. It's so soft. Even the wee one tends to gravitate towards it to play. We will have lots of use for this mat whether it's playtime, to protect their bedroom carpet, or mommy and me yoga. Love that I am able to store it away quickly. Thank you for this non toxic high quality mat.

just as advertised

It is a nice mat, a little plain, but washable, easy to roll up and comfortable.

Life Saver

Purchased this mat for my twins nursery. I must say it is the softest, most cushy, easiest to clean mat I've ever purchased (mother of 4). I feel at ease knowing that my babies are in a safe place when they are on this play mat. Rolling around and learning to sit up, this play mat provides a super soft landing for their fragile heads. Picking up the babies is so much more comfortable having the thick mat under my knees. We sometimes even have nap time on it.....Bonus its double sided and adds a great look to any room, we've also used it as a backdrop for our monthly photos !! Hands down the best mat. Purchasing another one for Lola's house (grandma hehehe)