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With the cold snap that’s lingering around I’m not sure about you guys but I’d very much prefer to stay indoors! We’ve seen some deep deeeeep sub-zero temperatures here since the holiday season and it looks like it’s going to be staying for just a little bit longer – so brew me a warm drink, turn up that temperature till it is just right, whip out them cozy slippers and keep me behind closed doors until April. As much as you want to stay bundled up on the couch with a warm blanket and look out the window (there is something oddly satisfying about that isn’t there?), your little bundles of energy have plans of their own, don’t they?  My boys sure are boys and them boys, well….they need to PLAY!

I’d like to introduce you guys to our little friend Flynn. Little Flynn is just over a year old and is closely related to the energizer bunny. It was quite the exercise keeping up with him trying to take photos (most of them ended up blurry!) while he was experiencing his Littlebot Baby Play Mat. Shown in the photos are Littlebot’s Grey Polka Dot Baby Play Mat (Currently available for pre-order!)

Sitting at 1.5 cm thick and with a surface area of approximately 5ft. by 6 ft. the play mats give a good (safe) rumpus zone for an energetic little boy to run and tumble in with his dad (I’m not a wrestling kind of mom ;)), siblings & friends or toys and let his imagination run wild. For the little skittlebug that Flynn is, he tripped over himself quite a bit out of sheer excitement and I sure was glad that the mat was underneath him. Just like you guys, there is already quite a lot of baby proofing and corner protection going on in my home, but some additional floor protection definitely eases my mind during playtime – especially knowing how stimulated they get.

One of my favourite things about the playmat is definitely its design. It is quiet and stylish and pretty much keeps low profile in the domestic household. Now I’m not saying that there is something wrong with cute colourful designs (I kinda love it to be honest, it marks baby’s territory) but sometimes, especially in the living room, it is nice to see a thematic stylish setting – especially when I’m entertaining. And seriously, who doesn't love polka dots.The Littlebot Baby Play Mat easily folds or rolls and is fairly light too, so it is easily moved from room to room if need be. I find myself switching from playroom to living room quite a bit myself, as convenient as it is I'm thinking maybe I should get another one?

This is also my first post in the New Year so I wanted to wish you guys all the love and good fortune that a year can bring! Till next time, stay warm guys! 

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