Craft Day with The Boys

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Crafts are one of my joys with the boys, it's like a win on multiple fronts - I get to watch them focus their little energies into a productive task while spending some quality time with them, all the while heart melting while seeing (if only in my imagination) their little brains expand while they gain more confidence in their cognitive abilities, motor skills and problem solving pride. Not to mention I get a keepsake for myself after! All in all crafts are a good time all around.

Anthony making paper heart

With Valentine's Day around the corner, it is the definite choice for this craft's theme. I pictured in my head a heart tree, a solid tree branch flourishing into blooming heart shaped foliage! I'll try my best to walk you through the process while we watch Anthony tackle this craft! Without further ado......


Paper (base) - I chose green

Paper (hearts) - I chose a bunch of pink hues for variety


White Glue




On the base paper, Anthony traces his left hand palm and fingers open for the base of the tree. We did this in marker first but I'd recommend using a pencil first and then tracing over with marker so you don't get your hands dirty like Anthony did. Little Opie took a shot at making his own, but found mark making alot more fun than some organized crafts ;P.

While Anthony was busy tracing his hand I begun to cut strips of the pink papers about 2 cm thick of varying lengths and stapling the ends together like so, forming the top folds of the heart. I then pinched the bottom of the papers forming the sharp bottoms of the heart structure. I made a whole whack of these for Anthony's craft.

On a separate piece of scrap paper I goobed a pool of white glue for the next step. Anthony takes a heart and dips a side of it in the pool of glue and sets it around the palms and finger drawings like leaves. As you can see I got Anthony to trace Opie's hand too right next to his.

I love the end result it doesn't look quite like a tree but it does look like little hands outreached spreading love!

I hope you liked our little craft time! For more crafts and activities you might want to pick up littlebots' Silicone Coloring Placemat for some sit down fun. Till next time guys!

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