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I am a Mother of two. My boys are my pride and joy. I want to laugh with them, cry with them -experience the world, their world, with them. Motherhood has given me reason and clarity, an absolute abundance of purpose. I just want to be the best Mother that I can be for them! 

Here it is! That festive time of the year full of merriment and gifting, carols and jingles, visiting and last but definitely not least......a whole lot of eating! And yes, on some of those dinner visiting nights we (me, the hubby and the boys) can get a little brave - hitting 'gasp!' two fabulous festive dinners a night! I mean who can say no? 

Anthony is three now and a picky eater. I'd have to bargain with him sometimes just to get a little morsel in him, unless its a banana. Opie, my 8 month old, well, he takes after me. We are food enthusiasts :p. Specifically cake. We love cake. Ok ok I love cake. He doesn't eat solids per se, he more tastes things, lips and gnaws at them - and id say 99% of the meal would end up around his face, or everywhere else. I've gotta say kids sure are cute when they are eating! There's something about watching them experience their meal, wether squealing in yuuuummy contentment or squinting from that eeeew yucky disagreement, that pulls on my heart strings. Sigh, it gets me every time. You ever spend hours on YouTube watching kids eat sour lemons for the first time? Yeah me neither.

But you can't deny it, darn it does it get messy! And sometimes really, really messy. Really messy! 

Now if your little one is as enthusiastic during eating time like Opie, You Guys! Why don't you check this out! 

What I like about the little bandanas is that they sit higher than a generic baby bib - you know those half circle ones with the strings? - and cover more than just the toddler's front chest area. The bandana covers the neck and chest snugly just sitting below Opie's chin while providing close enough access to the chin and lips that I can quickly dab or wipe away the mess from his faces. Sometimes, and especially this holiday season (It's his first!) I might plan to put a little fancy outing outfit on him to show him off on one of these dinners (especially when we visit grandma and grandpa) and I know that the Littlebot baby bandana will come in handy while I try to protect the outfit from a mess. The bandanas come in a pack of six with two different color ways. Opie is wearing one from the pastel pack. He and I much prefer the lighter colors! 

But course I don't plan to use the bandanas just during eating time. We could use it as a functional baby fashion accent (especially with all the color choices available) - a neck warmer in the winter on a winter stroll or a wind shield in the spring. Maybe if you are an active, outdoorsy parent when taking your little one on one of your hikes, these could come in handy! Or perhaps you are one of those super creative and imaginative parents and use it as a costume piece during playtime with big brother, Cowboys and Bandits anyone? Maybe it might be just the right accessory to tie your baby's outfit together, turning adorable in super darn adorable! 

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