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This week, we held a surprise workshop in a local school where we brought our Ofie Mat creativity to life!

Little Bot Baby's Co-founder Tao Guo, and Social Media Manager Chi-Chi Onuah held a one hour workshop with the 1st and 2nd graders at Avondale Public School. During the workshop, Tao shared with the students all about the production process and what goes into creating an Ofie Mat pattern.

The students then split off into three groups and had the opportunity to create their very own Ofie Mat patterns! From cutting out their boho-style houses and trees, to arranging (and re-arranging!) their patterns on the Zen Line Ofie Mat, the students put on their creativity caps and made three distinct patterns! 

It was very exciting to watch how each group tackled the problem of designing a new pattern: one group cut out all of their patterns first before creating a little village and a full forest, while another group mixed large and small houses and trees for a unique pattern.

All in all, everyone had so much fun exploring their creativity!

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