Everything you need to know about cleaning your Little Bot play mat!

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We wanted to do this test for so long and now we finally did it!! 

To learn which cleaner is safe on Ofie mat™, we went on a shopping trip and bought literally every single type of cleaner that we can find in a grocery store. Here is a list of them:

- 365™ All-purpose cleaner

- Method™ All-purpose cleaner

- Palmolive™ Essential Clean

- Dawn™ Ultra Clean

- Lysol™ Disinfecting Wipes

- Mr. Clean™ Multi-surface cleaner (diluted 1:5)

- Softsoap™ Hand soap

- Pure white vinegar (diluted 1:5)

Test 1: Which cleaner is safe?

To learn which cleaner is safe, we poured a good portion of each on the Triangle side of Ofie mat and let it sit for 20 mins. Then cleaned up with paper towel. 

The result: All of the cleaners we tested are safe! You can use any one of them to clean your Ofie mat!

Since we have already gone so far and we were actually having lots of fun doing all the testing so we thought, hey, why not to try something more? So we did a second test...

Test 2: What kind of spill will stain the mat (orange juice, milk, coffee or the ultimate baby accident that we are all so familiar with…. Pee)

We applied some of the most common things that you could spill on a floor mat to see if they can leave a mark. 

The result: 

- Milk and orange juice are ridiculously easy to clean. No Stains. Simply wipe clean with paper towel.

- Coffee. Yes, coffee leaves a light mark on the mat if let it sit for 5+ mins. If you wipe clean spilled coffee immediately, there won't be a stain.

- Urine. We were expecting the worst stain from urine but surprisingly there is none. We do hear from customers from time to time that dogs' pee stained their mats if left sitting overnight. 

Now we have a stain, how to remove it?

Test 3: How to remove stains on Ofie mat?

We spent hours on the test but I will make things short here. Some of the cleaners did better than the other. Turns out hand soap is a good choice. Mr. Clean multi-surface cleaner is also good if you have one at home. In our test, the coffee stain didn't completely go away but they do become less noticeable. We actually tried diluted bleach. It does remove the coffee stain but also left a yellowish mark. So bleach is not safe on Ofie mat. 


- Most of the cleaners are safe on Ofie mat. (i.e. all-purpose cleaners, hand soap, disinfecting wipe, baby wipe and diluted vinegar). Did we mention vacuum are safe as well?

- Most spills won't stain your mat, if cleaned up right away. If you do run into a stain. Don't panic. Use hand soap or all-purpose cleaner.

- Try to avoid coffee spill as it can leave marks on the mat.

- Do not use bleach on Ofie mat.

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