Caring for Yourself and Your Little Ones

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Hey everyone,

My name is Chi-Chi. I am the Social Media Manager here at Little Bot Baby and I have a few products for you to take care of yourself, your little ones, and your Ofie Mat!


With so many of us practicing self isolation right now, I thought I would make a quick run to a nearby Dollar Tree and pick up some safe cleaning supplies (Here's a link to our YouTube channel in case you missed my IG Takeover!)

What I Ended Up Purchasing:

  • Pine-Sol (Mandarin Sunrise)
  • Windex Glass & Surface Wipes
  • J Cloth Everyday Cleaning Multi-Surface Cloths
  • Latex Gloves With Cuffs
  • Javex Natural Rubber Gloves
  • Wet Wipes Travel Pack
  • Hertel Biodegradable Disinfectant (Cherry & Almond)

My two favourite products are the black and pink latex gloves with cuffs and the biodegradable disinfectant! Aside from wiping down my entire space, I love how the calming the scent of cherry is, especially during these stressful times.

These products are safe for you, your little ones, and for cleaning your Ofie playmat. Just a few things to remember:

  • When using strong cleaning agents to clean your Ofie Mat (like the disinfectant, surface wipes, or any strong smelling cleaning product), wait a few minutes before letting your little one play as the scent might be too powerful for them to inhale
  • If you are specifically using surface wipes that are disposable: once they are used, place them directly in the trash bin to limit any contamination

That’s it from me. Stay safe, stay home, and always wash your hands!

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