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Little Bot, ofie mat
Little Bot, Ofie mat, soft baby play mat
Little Bot, ofie mat

Ofie mat (Zen line + triangle, Large) soft baby play mat by Little Bot

  • Little Bot 2nd generation play mat - the Ofie mat. It's soft and feels like memory foam.

  • Large one-piece foam mat that comes with two sides. The zen line cool grey on one side and cute triangle pattern on the other.

  • Free of BPA, Lead, Formaldehyde or Phthalate. Ofie mat is non-toxic and odourless. Safe for you and your little one.

  • Each Ofie mat comes with a cotton bag for easy storage and carry around.

  • Highly versatile and durable. Ideal for yoga, outdoor activities and anywhere in between a comfy floor mat is needed!

  • Measures 2 m x 1.4 m (6.5 ft x 4.5 ft) and 1.5 cm thick (0.6 inch)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great quality mat!

So far, so good. The mat is of great quality and super easy to clean when my baby spits up or drools on it. It is comfortable to lie/sit on when playing with baby. The design is beautiful if you have a simple/modern style. Overall, I am quite happy and I hope it continues to to perform as such for years to come! Thank you!

A must have in every nursery

One of my favourite purchases for the nursery. It is esthetically nice to look at, functional and durable. Everyone who has come into the nursery has commented on how much they love it and that they need a mat like this for themselves. It’s a great mat to put in the living spaces as well. Also it’s so easy to clean up messes on this mat that it gives me a sigh of relief that the mat will be so easy to clean as my daughter grows up and is able to play on it. You won’t regret this purchase.

Great mat!

We are incredibly happy with our purchase. The mat it super comfortable and nice to walk and sit on. I'm so excited to toss this on the deck once the weather is nice, and use it outdoors!

Beautiful and practical

I was looking for a playmat for my baby + toddler boys, one that was stylish with neutral colours, easy to clean, fun to play on AND comfortable to be on for periods of time. Let me tell you- there are very few mats that meet all the criteria. I looked at a lot of plat mats.
The Ofie is big, stylish, my boys love the side with the road and teepees for cars and monster trucks and the first thing my husband and I commented on was how COMFORTABLE it is to sit on. I have already been spreading the word- FIVE STARS, YOU NEED THIS.